Still getting used to this site and, obviously, not a computer whiz.  I'm on an iPad.  Just can't figure out how to change subject lines on message replies.  thanks to anyone who can tell me how to fix.
Hi Annie, if you mean the private messaging, it's just like email. Start a new message, instead of a reply, you can then put the subject in. :)
Hi Annie,,
If you can right click on the text of the subject line, then simply highlight the current text and type your new text or press the delete button and it will be removed.
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Thanks to you both.  I'll work on updating it.  I'm embarrassed to admit but found out today that any messages to my Yahoo account went to Spam.  Looks like I have several things to conquer.  
thanks again,
AK you may want to try this:

Yahoo SpamGuard rates email for possible spam and sometimes incorrectly identifies something you want as spam. First, go to Options, Mail Options and then Spam. Make sure the email address you want is not in the Spam box or the Blocked address box. Even if the address is not there, you may have to click the Not Spam a few times for Yahoo to learn that this is a type of message that you want.

Good Luck :)

Gwennie and bobpyle,
I'm on an iPad so I was unsuccessful.  Oh well, I'll keep trying.
Annie, just go to the Profile page of whoever you want to send the message to, click on send a message at the top right of the profile and a box will open. You can put your title in at the top. I don't use an iPad but I do use tablets and usually on a touchscreen a long press is equal to a right click. :D
A long press is equal to a right click? Does that work on Women per chance? :lol:

DF, try it out and let us know... :lol: ware your helmet.
Wear body armour too :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'm also on an iPad Annie..
There's a few things that just don't seem to work like they should...
Or at least I haven't figured it out yet.

It's not just you. :?  
Thanks So Much!!  I tried one fix by Gwynnie and it worked.  Although it started a new chat string instead of being able to respond to the most recent chat.  It would be great if the 50Plus tech's would work on compatibility with iPads, Nooks, Tablets etc.  Thanks again.  I don't feel so techy alone. 
Most things work on most tablets, it's just a matter of getting used to it. Anyone needs help, just ask. There are a few people on here who are only too willing to help, if all else fails ask the big fish :mrgreen: