Some people will say "Happy Holiday" on December 25th. Ok so what holiday are you celebrating?

The Western Church celebrate this day to celebrate the Birth of Christ, to take time off to reflex on Christ, not the drunken witch craft as some say, it a day to turn evil into something good.

The bible don't mention when Jesus was born so we don't know which time of year he was born. Some say he was born sometime during the month of February and March which is the sign of the fish, fish being the symbol of Christ.

The Armenia Celebrate Christ Birth on January 6th so why aren't we doing that as well? It was decided by the Roman Catholic Church to Celebrate Christmas on December 25th. Christmas comes from Christ Mass. Meaning the "Mass of Christ". Because that is when the pagan celebrates being drunk and having a party and doing evil things, so this is why I believe is the reason why we are celebrating that day to turn evil into something good as to reflex on and take time to think of good will, good things among our family and friends.

So why change "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays"? again why change it? Why are you celebrating that day for what purpose? To mock the Roman Catholic Church? To discourage those who do believe in the bible? To change our faith? Or use that time of year to make extra money, if this is the case then it is the root of all evil as it is stated in the bible. So is the bible warning us of that? To change that day into Happy Holidays to make more money and use Christmas as an excuse? Or use that day as an excuse to have a holiday for no reason at all?

I have been reflecting on that for a long time, I suppose ever since when some were trying to change it from Merry Christmas to Happy Holiday. Some may disagree with me but it would be interesting as to why the changes?
With this season at this time of year, all the lights, as God promise us he will bring day lights, so he did, but some still live in darkness, darkness in our mind, so displaying all those nice lights on Trees, homes even in parks.

Even Jesus said he is the light of the world, this is why our mind isn't in darkness, he is setting an example to keep our mind in the light so that we can keep continuing to be in the light, it don't mean that the sun is up, it means that our mind isn't heavy with thoughts, hatred, bullies, those are the darkness of the world we live in. In other words,.. and Idea light bulb, something that woke you up and realize something and something good and you are willing to share that goodness with others.

So by keeping our mind in the light this season is to stay jolly, to keep our mind in good spirit, so setting up all those fancy lights display is a jolly thing to do, to bring those jollies to others to give them the light, to be free of evil thoughts. To be happy to see all those Christmas lights certainly bring a lot of happiness to children, this is the light of the world that Christ is talking about.

Keep in mind that over 2000 years ago, there were no lights, no electricity to display Christmas lights, yes CHRISTmas lights, because without Christ, there will be no lights, there will be no light displays that we have today.

If it wasn't for Christ in the first place, would we be celebrating this time of year? To bring joy and good tidings to those you love? As Christ would do for us? It was Jesus that brought joy and good tidings to the people of the land.

Even Canada is bringing Joy to some of the children in other country and it bring lights to their eyes the joy of seeing those shoe boxes with all the good trinkets, even some are nice clean T-shirt, a teddy bear, or a doll, each boxes are marked with the gender and age so that no big kid will get a small T-Shirt.

So yes this is the season to be Jolly
Christ is the reason for the season. :D
During this time of year some people are showing random acts of kindness over the Christmas season. Example: A teenager bought a Raptor's Togue for this stranger's grandson. He was in the same store where this woman was buying a togue/cap for her grandson and seeked his advice on the color;  but she did feel she couldn't afford to buy both items, one being $35.00 and another $30.00 when the teenager said he buy the togue for her. It is a very random act of generosity from this young man to be kind to someone he does not know. He was definitely in the Christmas spirit of giving and making a family happy.I will share some of the story but you can read the entire story on Toronto Global TV site below, it will melt your heart as it did mine to know that there are people out there that care even for the stranger.

  TORONTO – A Toronto grandmother went to buy her special needs grandson a gift for Christmas recently but didn’t expect an act of kindness in return. Pat Montgomerie was looking for a Toronto Raptors hat and toque at a local sports store and asked a 16-year-old boy beside her what colour she would get. He said black “because that will go with anything.” She wanted to buy both but couldn’t fathom spending nearly $90 on two gifts. Montgomerie didn’t expect what happened next: The teen surprisingly decided to pay the toque for her because he felt “Christmassy.” “He said, ‘would you mind if I bought the toque for your grandson?’” she said. “It’s amazing. Of course, it’s just something that doesn’t happen to an old lady. Especially when a young boy does something nice for an old lady, don’t you think that’s wonderful?”
That statement you mention there Angel, remind me of my friend, that her and I went for coffee just a few weeks ago, she arrive at the coffee shop before I did, and when I arrive she realize that she forgotten her debit card, and no change, so there was this young man in his 20's, said "Madame can I buy you that cup of coffee" well we both were so surprise by that because you don't ever hear anyone offering their service.

This is the light of the world, not the darkness, so the random act of kindness need to be spread around, even if it just for a cup of coffee. It will bring joy and happiness for anyone, even if you could afford it, it still a random act of kindness which I been saying "The light of the world"

From my understanding, the reason for the change is a result of our nation now being 'multicultural' apparently other ethnic groups are saying 'To celebrate Christmas' is an insult to THEIR religios beliefs! Hence the suggestion of Happy Holidays!!!!! In my place of employment there was an uproar, people stating this nation of OURS still should remain BRITISH, OUR heritage is to celebrate CHRISTMAS. There was a great deal of resentment, plus whilst my colleagues (myself included) are educated and non-racist, we object to being dictated to and having our traditions changed to accommodate others that have come into OUR country, claiming OUR money, plus taking homes whilst OUR OWN people are losing theirs due to redundancies! Now tell me, WHERE are OUR rights amongst all of this?

I hope this rant of mine covers your question. If I am wrong, then please feel free to correct me. 
:wink: Well in that case, then why not change our country name to match with their ethic group?

Growing up at home, I do recall my mother saying how people want to change Christmas because of their beliefs, my thought was... well leave us alone and they can go and celebrate what ever they want, just don't take CHRISTMAS away from us when it was here before the new ethic groups arrive, it like me telling you to change your skin color to purple :wink:
It will ALWAYS be...


to this gal, ALWAYS...
Well said ladies, I fully agree :)
AngelsonHigh wrote: During this time of year some people are showing random acts of kindness over the Christmas season./[/b][/color]

On the same note, Fox News reported that a woman in Alabama got
caught shoplifting a carton of eggs. The police were called. After hearing
the woman's explanation (she was broke and couldn't feed her children),
instead of arresting her, he bought the eggs for her.
grif, that is a real random act of kindness... so why are there more help for people like that, this is the spirit of the season but why just this time of year, not all year round?
Something to ponder; why is it offensive to wish someone from a different culture a Merry Christmas, but it's acceptable to wish them a Happy New Year despite the fact that most of the world celebrates the new year on a different date?
Because some religion don't believe that Christ was ever born, some just don't celebrate birthdays at all not even their own birthdays and New Year.

Some believe that Christ wasn't the King of the Jews.

The Mormon don't worship Christ, they Worship Joseph Smith. I believe that they still do believe in Christ.

Some celebrate New year as a new beginning. Some celebrate New year January 1 and some celebrate "Chinese New Year" They work their calender by the year of an animal, like "the year of the horse" or the year of the money.... Their calender work very different than our Calender which work by the moon phrase. Thus is why February has 28 days and every four years (leap year) is on the 29th. So each year for the Chinese Calender, it depends on what year they are leaving behind and a new one is coming, their new year (2015) is sometime in February.

Like I said on the other forum, that the Jews only believe in the first five book of the bible. The book that Moses wrote.

Some just don't believe in the bible at all, they have different believes like Zen, or they just don't believe in anything.
stardaisy wrote: grif, that is a real random act of kindness... so why are there more help for people like that, this is the spirit of the season but why just this time of year, not all year round?

stardaisy (i'm not grif BUT) i know of, and have personally experienced, random acts of kindness and they do occur all year 'round. Maybe some people just notice them more...this time of year? A lot of people, including myself, do "pay it forward". :)
grif is short for griffith7x57 :wink:. Like I said, how come there isn't more like you doing the random act of kindness? Stop all these killing, give instead of taking? Giving isn't just about buying food, giving love, a free hug, some need those as well as food for the tummy, ... well the way I see it, love and hugs are food for the soul. Give those random act of kindness to stop bullies, to stop the starvation of those who need a hug or some love?