I guess many people meet something that is very coincidental which we can't explain but curious why it happens. :)
A pediatrician's assistant is leaving. I need to hire an other one to replace her. In the past one more month, I called 6 people for interviewing. All of them seemed not satisfied enough to me, so did the pediatrician. I am kind of worrying if we could find the right person on time.

On last Wed. the previous assistant called me and told me that she couldn't come anymore since a urgent reason. At this situation, I should be stressed since the pediatrician is fully booked the next day. I have to find someone to assist him. But I don't know why this time I was very calm. Maybe because I need to organize a picnic for staff on last Friday, I was super busy and didn't have time to call other people right a way. About 2 hours later, there was a girl just graduate from a medical school in USA and want to apply for the position of the pediatrician assistant. After the interview, she gave me a good impression, I hired her right away.

She was so happy and surprised .She said to me that she couln't believe it was so quick.
"It is a god thing." she said.

I am not a believer. I thought in a different way, but still I couldn't explain why is so coincident.

If the previous assistant didn't have the urgent things, I might not interview her right a way.

If she came on later of the day or next day, I might have called an other canditate to fit in.

She just came at the right time. I was wondering if there is a special force leading us walking in a parten just like the earth has its oval path to the Sun? Maybe maybe eveything in the world has its very own path--I would say it as fate.
Sweet synchronicity in action...love when that happens
Pepper1953 wrote: Sweet synchronicity in action...love when that happens

Yes, very sweet. :D We didn't post ad for the position yet.I have arranged 3 interviews in this week also. Since her appearance, I don't need to continue the interview anymore.

She just walked in randomly and was about to drop her resume. That is why I wondered