Right on, chokko! We do over think things at times, analyze things to death. Just relax and enjoy the companionship, the friendship, the love and the rest will take care of itself. Forget the "what-ifs" as no one knows what the future holds. We only have today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't here yet. So, enjoy the gift of today with all the goodness in it. Most importantly, something we hear a lot about, is gratitude. Be grateful for every little thing you have in your life, family, friends, material things, health, and on and on. Enjoy!
Well said, Seashells! Thank you so much. Chokko :)
Chokko wrote: Well said, Seashells! Thank you so much. Chokko :)

Yesterday is history ,tomorrow but a mystery today is a gift :wink: ,its why we call it the PRESENT....
Thank you Horst for this nice quote. :)
Follow your heart
Listen to your Brain
See what your Spirt sees,

Then Act

not anonymous this time, just my thoughts
It has been proven that intuitive reasoning is the tool of choice for getting more things right than wrong.It has also been demonstrated that intuitive reasoning is greatly enhanced by the assimilation of hard facts...aka do your home work ...Mama was right  :-)
Great thoughts Larry! Great thoughts too Horst! Thanks both of you to share these with us. :)
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I think its a combination of following your heart and listen to your head. If you made a decision based on just one and dont consider the other...things can and will go wrong. Bottom line is...we must live with our decisions. We must make the most out of them.
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I couldn't help to comment here. Human nature is to find fault but when one is sad I just don't think they just have any words to say....sad is sad....it's the time that lessens the sadness.
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Your the master of yourself! God gives us a free will....what we do with it that's our responsibility and if one is wise they will look for advice so that they will not suffer the consequences of bad choices.