Are there any flyfishers on here?
I've tried it a couple of times, sure looks alot easier than actually doing it. My arms were getting tired after about the first hour. Its a beautiful, graceful art. I really admire those that take the challenge and learn the technique, but its much more than teaches you to learn fish, their habitat ,Entomology,and to respect nature.
Hey!!. Thanks for the reply Yanney, :)
True it is all those things, and it is very therapeutic and almost self hypnotic,, until you hook a trout
intent on staying free, then things get a bit frenetic :lol:
Hello again,

we just met earlier in the chat room, i did quite a lot of flyfishing in NY, both for trout, in Roscoe, NY and for salmon in Ontario near Canada, I also did a bit of fly tying, You will find loads of info on utube.

good luck,
Hello again cork, :)
Hope you enjoyed the quiz in the chat room.
It's good to find that I'm not the only practictioner of the 'dark art'.
Have fished in most of europe but have an ambition to fish the St. Vrain in colorado which I have read about many times. Hopefully one day. :wink: I get to Corrib most years and also do some of the fly fairs. I have lots of trade colleagues.
U tube is great for new patterns and I am quite often watching Davy McPhail while on the forum.
Thanks for your reply, hopefully chat at the next quiz?
Have no idea about fly fishing but I think you fly fishers would like this
Hi. I'm pretty new at this.

I have decided to learn how to fly fish some time next month. It's been a while since I've done any fishing so I am really excited to learn. I told my friend who has agreed to teach me that when my children were little, I spent all my time repairing their tackle. Now it's my turn to enjoy the peace and nature. My big plan is to go up to Idaho where I'm told it's just gorgeous.

What are y'all's thoughts on fly rods? Should I go for the less inexpensive one or maybe invest in something nicer? I think I'll like flyfishing so I don't mind spending a few buck. Any advice? My friend said that he has one I could borrow, which is nice of him to lend me.