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This creepy image only becomes apparent if the railing are viewed from the side.

see the difference in the 3 pics all at different angles.


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wow I think that is fun.and clever
Very clever indeed! But still just an Optical Illusion (done digitally). :)

Many years ago I was hired by a local campground to build them a website. I spent some time taking many pics of their office, campers and the grounds in general. Over 100 images in total.

I downloaded the pics to a CD and supplied the owner with it. She called frantically the following day, requesting me to come down right away, saying there was something in the pics that I simply HAD to see.

I met with her about an hour later, and she showed me sveral pics of the front of the office/lounge/store.

Now, this lady believed in ghosts, spirits and other phenomenon. Deeply.

I, on the other hand, am a skeptic of such things (go figure).

So I opened up the file back home to examine it closer. It seems while photographing all these pics I had managed to capture white "spirits" between my camera lens and the building! In fact, they actually looked VERY real! Not just floating there but instead they seemed to have purpose, as if this was where they lived!

I have some specialized software that many computer forensics specialists use for identifying "fake" images. It reported it was not digitally faked. I scratched my head and fussed over these pics for three days... then it hit me...

At the time, I was a smoker. And I had a cig in one hand while taking pics of the Lounge/Storefront. I remember it exactly. The smoke from the idling cigarette drifted up from beneath my camera and created this illusion!

I informed the owner but she was CONVINCED that they were pics of the spirits that lived on the property!

Still, a very cool effect... and while she finally decided to not publish them publicly (I had to convince her not to as it would freak many people out), the website still uses my images and logo design from many years ago. They have revised the content and have a new webmaster now, but I had a lot of fun creating the logo, taking the pics and tracking down those "spirits".

Enjoy! Great pics for that Face in the Railings, BTW!

great story DF! I too am a skeptic.
I'm thinking that one could paint on the inside of this square railing tube, an image that is only seen when on this extreme angle. I think this could be done and create an image that you can't see at any other angle.
Yes Live, exactly. It's too detailed a face for someone to be accidental. Clever artist. :D