Hi after 16 years my marriage ended then the next year my father died then the year after that my only child went away to university. I find I am very lonely and no matter how I fill my time with friends or activities my mind is constantly o her - did she eat, is she studying, is she in pain ( constant migraines takes daily meds that only half work). And so I find i make myself anxious. Somehow I guess o have to raise that I have her skills to love life and so she is now 22 and can make her own choices even if I disagree.
How do you cope with everyone being gone and being all alone?  
Soph512 let your hair down not your guard, you need to meet someone new and give them a shot it may surprise you to allow someone to show you some new things, you can always say no but I think you would be amazed if you just let yourself go a bit, I think you have a burning desire to try some new things and be a little wild. You are hungry for some fun. Live a little Soph :D
Hi Soph512, I am new to this site but just wanted to say, I empathise!... My youngest daughter left for University a year and a half ago and, although I consider myself a strong, independent, social woman - I wept non stop for the first month!.... It takes time, you have to go through a kind of grieving process - empty nest is definitely real, I discovered. Even now, I'm learning to put myself first - (hence joining the site)... and eventually, you will enjoy it! Best of luck :)
you definitely need to have a talk with your self. You need to thank back the when you used to think about all the things you wanted to do when life wasn't so hectic. all the travelling you wanted to do, sports clubs you wanted to maybe join, music concerts with friends, there are lots of things to do in my city there are networking groups that you can join in my city its called meet up! it is a few people that have created groups like card groups, running groups, cooking groups, travel groups,movie groups etc.. and they get together once a week. You just need to make up your mind to do it and the web is a great place to find it all.Try to stick to local groups when it come to travel groups because you need to get to know them first before you go off on a cruise with them...

Once you get a bucket list going everything else will follow.....