:D I have found that the drum circle crowd of members keeps growing 
     in the Calgary & surrounding areas. I have found the group consisting
     of young and old i have seen grandparents with their grand children
     as you can see it is a community & family event for all ages. The      
     amount of relaxation that i have experienced within the circle is hard
     to explain the first time i attended a circle when i left  i felt like i was
     on top of the world. Try it u will love it. no drum or experience needed. 
What type of drum circles native american

       Down at the drum circle we do have different types of drum as of native drums we have
       3 or 4 sizes of the native Rim drums and Gathering drums, from different parts of the
       world there is the South African Djembe, South America Tabano {Cuba}, as well there
       is a wide selection of percussion instruments. Plus many bring their own drums from
       all around the world. Thank you hope to see down there  
Would love to give it a try. I believe sound (harmonics) is the key to any psychological cleansing. :wink:
cookie101 if you are in the Calgary area the Drum circles go every Friday evening
at 630pm at the Ingelwood community hall hope to see you there 
I love rhythm and play African and Arabic drums but only rarely go to a drum clinic. I understand the "magic" that runs through your body and soul. I would love to join you in Calgary but it's too far for me to travel ........from UK!