ha ha two ... you know you don't mean that lol : )) giggling
You're right Jane. He's a teddy bear really.

Im doing a clear out here, all rubbish in drawers,
I Found 200 dollars, prob from last yrs trip,
Dont tell Trump, Hed prob want me shot.
Well Alex 59
I am new to this I am always the optimist cup half full not cup half empty .You know I joined this site to find friends first and foremost that is what is important to me To be able to talk and have a laugh ,I know I have a large circle of people around me but I always feel that they are there cos they want something off me .So now I am looking outside my comfort zone, Its a big world out there and there must be people out there of a similar mind set .Maybe you have been hurt, I don't know all I know is that I am coming out of a dark place where I have been and I feel happier now . I hope you do soon too
It's a start.
Alex59, I like how you think. I had my doubts about whether or not a dating site would produce the results advertised, and I've come to the conclusion that your statistics are spot-on. While some might find your language somewhat harsh, I believe you are only stating the empirical facts. This is my last free post and I won't be paying for a subscription as a result of my findings which match yours. Instead, I have resolved that I will spend more time in meetup groups in real life and hope to find a better friendship that way. I don't do social media and I find these dating sites are just another form of that. Best of luck to all of you.
Thank you, Graham, for your moderation of this site; I think you've done a great job, but the venue itself is not for me.
My humble opinion is that many online lookers have unreasonable expectations. after all how long did it take for you and your previous mate to iron out the kinks- a lifetime I think
Cliche warning- Take it one step at a time- you are first looking for possible connections and then if fortunate , friendship, and then maybe more. Personally I would be delighted with companionship, certainly to start and if that’s all well nothing wrong with that.
The majority of times ........probably not............ partner-wise.

Friends I have made and that is valuable as well!