Graham1 wrote:
alex59uk wrote: I believe that more than 95% of dating agencies' female members are an assortment of time wasters, gold diggers and dreamers in cloud cuckoo land, who keep waiting for that knight in shining armour on a white horse, who strangely, never shows up! I am sure that those females who are genuine, the 5% or less or who do not fall in the category I mentioned, may feel the same can be said for male members. My opinion, for what it's worth is that you cannot manufacture a partner. I think that dating agencies, in the main, are just a production line for manufactured meets that paradoxically never happen. As such, I think that the vast majority of them are just a money making scam for opportunists, whose members are a mere number that contributes to their income. Hence, as I've always said, if you don't meet somebody by a twist of fate, i.e. a chance meeting in a park, museum, supermarket, or dare I say it, at arranged group meets such as on this site, then, sadly, it ain't gonna happen.

I agree with some of what you say in that some people have an image of an ideal partner rather than a more realistic view but this club is not just for dating, it is for making friends too. Many members have found partners here too as we encourage members to tell us their success stories, although some of them were not looking for or expecting to find a partner, which might be part of the key to success. They joined up initially to find others to communicate with and maybe make some friends but in some cases the friendships became stronger and they ended up as partners. Whether you look for love or friendship, I think positive people with open minds are the most attractive to others.

Way to go Graham!
I like to take time to get to know someone. Things don't happen in one meeting. I am non judgemental and enjoy each meeting and the time it takes. Yes, I am aware of scammers, but can put things in perspective. I have some good friends on this site. Does it help people over 50 to connect? You betcha! I'm a 6 figure professional retiring soon with a lucrative pension. I have met my partner on line, whose income is low, without a picture and we have been together for 4 months now. It is a gift to find someone who loves you for you, and gives as well as receives.
Alex apparently hasn't asked any women about the majority of men who frequent these sites because I've yet to meet or even speak to even ONE man from MY area. They've all been out of town, out of province, out of the country and included one 18-year-old from Tunisia who professed his undying love for older women.    

And all this despite the fact that my distance requirements are clearly stated in the first line of my profile and despite the fact that every single man claimed to have read said profile. And the only man who was in a reasonable distance to drive disappeared off the face of the earth the instant I suggested we meet for coffee.

Alex needs a reality check. 
OK I have a few years to go but hey.... :D
I think dating sites such as this one do help people find their ideal partner.
Its also a breeding place for opportunist those who are not really serious about the sites purpose.
Not everyone is out for scams, tricks and timewasters. :roll:
Sites offer a choice of what your exactly looking for.
When you do meet that person and spend quality time that you realise whether 'its' gonna work or not.
I have been on a few free dating sites and the men only looking for sex and party. Most admitted there intentions which I suppose was noble to a point. I was once told " whats a good woman like you doing on this site"
If you pay to join a site then... well no one wants to waste their money fooling around right?
Well I personally believe there are honest people out there who are not abusing these sites, but they are hard to find and be compatible with. But there is someone out there I truly believe that.
Also, this sites are ok but hey there are other social places where you may meet your ideal partner.
"If you pay to join a site then... well no one wants to waste their money fooling around right?"

In a perfect world that would be true. Unfortunately an accomplished scammer - man or woman - can make more than enough $$ to cover their monthly fees. A friend of mine told me the other day that she knows someone who forked out $10,000 to a man despite everybody's advice and is now too embarrassed to go to the police. 
Oh dear! Scammers make me :x
Police should definitely be informed as there is great possibility of her getting her money back especially if she can prove she has been scammed.
I think every person should be suspected as a possible scammer until proven otherwise.
Sad to say but hey this is the world we all live in.
I think not. I thought I had found someone but because it is too tempting to keep on looking it didn't happen. The friendship began, inevitably the sex followed unbeknownst to me, his dating did not end. Six months later I found out. Boy did I feel hurt and like a fool. I believed him when he said he had to visit his mom at the rest home - nope, he was out dancing with some gal from the dating site. In the meantime, I am at his house, cutting his lawn, helping carry gyproc and happily being in love.
Darn it, I now have baggage. I have found it hard to trust.
Nope, can't find it on a dating site.
I know people who have found a partner on a dating site. I know someone who met her husband in a forum when they were relatively new and they just got married after being together for 12 years. 
It won't happen until men learn the benefits of literacy and geography. In the last couple of months I've had men from:

Quebec, Markham, ON (not bad but not doable), Hawkesbury (too far), BC, Bracebridge, ON (not practical), Nepean. ON  (6 hour drive), Quebec, Mississauga (doable  but too much traffic), Quebec, Quebec, Florida (what?) Germany (I'm sorry, really?), Austria (see Germany), Quebec, Quebec, BC and it just goes on and on with more from the US and overseas hopping on board but not one single man from within even an hour's drive  and a lot of them were so outside my stated age range that it's laughable. I've  just spent the last 12 years looking after my parents. Do I REALLY want to hook up with a 79-year-old man? 
I am new back on the dating scene after being out of it for about 17 years while I raised my two son's (My Choice) & have found this internet dating scene very disturbing, I have already been played & my heart broken with only in the dating scene for seven months, I guess I was naive & did not realize how many phony's & predictors are out there in the cyber world we live in now, If I was not such a positive person I would just say the hell with it and stay single, but I have to believe there is a happily ever after still in the future for me with that one man who is meant for only me... he does not need to be perfect - just perfect to me!!   :wink:
Yeah, well, I just blocked a guy from Vancouver who, in a city with how many million people, was pretty sure that I'm the right one for him.  And I'm thinking, if you can't find a woman in a city with that many people, there's something seriously wrong with you and what makes you think I'd want you?   :lol: And then he gave me his personal email as if ...  (dumbass)
I am sure they work, however one must be patient and never lose hope. Sometimes hope is all we got, I think there is someone out there for everyone, we just have to be open to taking the leap of faith.
Sally, was his email,
When I joined this site, I came here looking for friends, not a partner. I have achieved my aim and have found a good number of very good friends.
I have to say though that I have found them through the forums and not the chat room. This may be controversial but I find that I can judge people better by their posts than by superficial conversations in a chat room.
Regular posters always tend to be more permanent on the site and give away a lot about themselves in what they write in their posts. You can see who has a good sense of humour, has a bias one way or another, has little or no sense of humour at all and those who do not have the ability to stick to the topic in hand for starters.Many have some kind of expertise which they are happy to share with other members. The fanatics are easy to spot, as are the trolls, with a bit of practise. Maybe for those who are looking for a permanent relationship, good friendships are the place to start. Many people seem to jump straight in the water without a safety net and soon find themselves in trouble. JMHO
scrummy wrote: Sally, was his email,

Not a fan of the Donald?   Is it the hair?   :lol:

Not a partner, but friends.
I do believe there are still plenty of good people out there, waiting to share their experiences, ideas, and kindness to complete strangers as genuine new friends. 
After all, everyone needs to take his or her  first step to start something new. If I stumble along my new experience,  never mind, try again; what have I got to lose beside some little time? Certainly,  I will not build a castle just over the Internet; it will unlikely be possible. However, the net does open the door of electronic communication amongst every corner of the world, so why not have some fun?

Glad you are here! It's nice talking with you!