i love doing cruises and talking about ships
never been on a cruise would love to out of my league !caravan holidays are about all i could stretch too :cry:
I went on my first cruise earlier this year :D and I can definately say "it will not be my last"!![/b]
well i have been on 2 of them .. last year, on the Caribbean princess, to the southern part of the caribbean, then this past february to the western part on the Celebrity Summit, ..with one of my social groups from meetup, also met some great people from different parts of the world, enjoyed the 5 different ports for a week, and the activities , so you never get bored, i know i enjoyed myself ..
hi dusty sounds good did you like celebrity? never done them but hoping to try them later this year. i just lovev cruising but getting harder with my work situation. wonder why annioe will not cruise again
We have been on 18 so far and the next one we hope will be a river cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg RUSSIA.
I'm afraid I don't like boats/ships :?
Im OK with ferry from UK to Europe but wouldnt find any pleasure in cruising for its own sake
seabourndt wrote: i love doing cruises and talking about ships

I am exactly the same. I have been on five cruises so far and just love it. I started on NCL and have been on three of their ships then it was Princess and Celebrity. The last was the RCI Allure of the Seas and that was a big disappointment. But I just love to visit all the warm, sunny places and be on the water. The ships are amazing though. Looking forward to the next one in October! There is always so much to see and do.
well hello all i am a new member here, and was browsing the site when i came across the different forums,  So as a person that is planning on doing some traveling, a idea of a cruise crossed my mind, but i have never been on a cruise. any helpfull tips ? or suggestions as to which ones are better ? im sure someone out there has had the same question.....most adds quote prices based on double occupancy, but i will more than likely be traveling alone. :roll:  so how does one figure out their costs, or do you have to pay as if you were traveling with another ?.
I have to agree with Graham.  I'd loved to do the Viking river cruise, but ocean cruising -- not so much.