Seniors nowadays are extending their knowledge  about the virtual world and anticipating they would encounter issues in their computers and internet as they are laid back (not all) in the standard technicalities. I am here to help and share my knowledge, i don't say that i am really very good at it, i just want to help and learn new things. And to make friends especially.I am hoping I could resolve issues they encounter in their computers.
A lot of seniors that use internet are aware of what is going on, for those who don't usually don't touch internet, some don't even have a mobile phone. Where I live, all these no no are mention in the news media as well. The R.C.M.P. have a really good guide book for seniors if they ever run into problems. This site is really good in keeping it clean as well, so if there are anyone in this site that are targeting seniors, then they can report them to the site and it is dealt with accordingly.