Last weeks total cholesterol was 4.7, this week it is 4.6. still not taking statins. These are good numbers if you subtract the 1.6 for triglycerides. 
Just an update. Cholesterol is 4.3 triglycerides 1.3. Both good numbers, both still going down. BP is going down too. Adding things back into my diet in small quantities, such as egg yolks every second day and some cheese. Coconut oil which is high in saturated fat did not raise triglycerides or cholesterol. It is very expensive compared to butter though. 
With this, like so many things it is not always as it would seem. I feel better, have more energy and I'm working harder. That in itself will lower cholesterol. 

The point is that if you can't take statins for this you can do it with diet but it is more work. And you can still have carrot cake, cookies and things you like, just by changing ingredients a bit. And you can have a cheat day every week where you eat things you shouldn't. Done right it balances out. 
It not what you eat, it the amount that you eat, can splirt once in awhile. Can do a lot with your lifestyle without taken drugs and this include pain killers, which is the worst kind of drugs for your system than satin drugs, as it affect the mind.... :wink:
I am working very long days and the exercise definitely helps. I will still need a blood test from the lab to see how much of my number is HDL and how much LDL because span is more important than actual number. BP has gone down enough to adjust beta blocker. The amount of energy I have far out strips my bodies capability so days are still long. It is nice to not spend them in a chair too. Tuesdays are my day off since it is my home support day and it interferes with my projects. An easy day is good though. 
The egg question is still open and I'm eating a few yolks to see if anything changes. One thing at a time to avoid confusion.  
Four days in hospital on their healthy heart diet and my cholesterol is high again. Back to my diet to get it down again. The two have nothing in common at all.
Good luck Davit and hope you feel better soon! Your friends have missed you in the chat! :D
Those that would sell you on Statin medication will tell you that you can not eat enough oatmeal to do any good. That is true, but only if you continue to overload your system with cholesterol. My home support lady made me four dozen special cholesterol fighting cookies. They are good besides being good for me. So I have oatmeal for breakfast. Without milk. Boiled egg without the egg yolk except on every second day. The rest of the day is limited to 75-100 mg of cholesterol in cheese or meat or fish. No butter, cream or shortening. No margarine. Coconut oil or olive oil only. 
Cheerios are made with oats, but you need to use skim milk or you defeat your purpose. It is more about how much you eat, not so much what you eat.  You don't have to give up your favourite foods, just limit them. You can eat all the vegetables you want and tomatoes are especially good. 
My fountain of youth and my over all nutrition comes from Marine Plankton, It comes from the ocean it's what whales eat and they live longer than any mammal, there are so many out there and I have tried a lot but the pharmaceutical strength is the way to go, read about it, it has everything we need to be healthy and it can lower our cholesterol.
Good Holistic treatment for high cholesterol is Red Yeast Rice capsules ... maintain taking one a day will lower count