Food for thought

You would remember world war 2 as a young lad, so let say that you were born 2000 years later from today date, and someone found a journal of that war {WWII}, would you say the same thing about what you say today about the bible? And about capital punishment that Canada had prior to the human rights act? (The last execution in Canada was on December 11, 1962 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, of a double hanging ~ Bill C-168 ended the execution in Canada). I for one, as a child can remember the capital punishment while in school and thought what a horrible way to end a person life for a crime that someone committed. I can remember when mom told me that Canada has ended the execution and I thought ok, so now those who commit a crime has a chance to make it right for there mistakes.

Sure while we were growing up, we get sent to our room for something we did wrong or in some cases with others, sent to bed without supper. As a child we commit a crime but we got a second chance to make it right and not do it again.

Also, in some case, it mental illness that some suffer and today's world, there are ways to treat it, there are education classes for us to learn, education classes to help us to live a better life. Just my thought anyways.
I can also remember this incident in my city. We only lived in Airdrie for a year when this happen. Airdrie wasn't very big then, it was a Town, but today it is one of the fastest growing city in Canada.