Breaking up

What happened is we spoke online
And you became a friend of mine
At the start it wasn’t easy
You seemed to think that I was sleazy

We didn’t see things quite the same
Misunderstanding was to blame
I’d type this and you’d read that
It caused confusion in our chat

But we came through and then we set
The place the time and then we met
I guess is wasn’t meant to be
I guess there was no chemistry

The trouble is that as a pair
We’d learned to like we’d learned to care
So now we are in this fine mess
the hurt we feel is causing stress

I’ll take the blame I’ll take the hit
I’ll make you think that I’m unfit
To make this easier for you
It seems the only thing to do

I’ll make it look like it’s a joke
Make you think I’m just a bloke
To make it easy for you to bare
I’ll act just like I don’t care

I’ll make it seem that I’m to blame
Like all those men that play the game
I’ll make it seem and it’s a breeze
You were right I’m just a sleaze
That is very good.  Is it a true story?  :D
hi sandy22
I guess you'd say loosely based. written a while ago found recently :)
Very nice I enjoyed reading it.  I like verse. Sometimes a person can express their feelings in a poem easier than just a letter.
Would you consider writing a poem called A Poem to a Stranger? 
Poem to a stranger

A stranger is a friend not met
Maybe on the internet
Lot’s we meet but rarely find
A kindred spirit same frame of mind

A stranger could be here or there
Fate decides it doesn’t care
A stranger could be near or far
Around the corner or need a car

I sit and wonder who you’ll be
Are you young or old like me
Are you a woman or a man
We’ll still be friends or that’s the plan

I send this poem out to you
And hope you see it yes I do
A stranger is a friend not met
Or at least not quite yet.