I would just like to wish all members affected by the impending harrrowing blizzard, the very best of luck for the nest few days ..........keep in touch, Tony....be safe :)
MorningTony, hope everyone is safe. The storm has certainly been raging all night and Scotland is on Red Alert. Everything closed till 10 am today.
Thks Pearl,the "Beast from the East" has been in full flight for the last few days and i'm snowed in ( normally no snow on the south coast of Ireland ,so not used to these kind of conditions) The blizzard is expected when storm " Emma " is due to hit in a few hours time. You might escape it in Scotland.Nice to hear from you,
Tony :D
Hlo All, I hope EMMA, the boss here dosent think
we are calling her, THE BEAST FROM THE EAST,,
Anyway its rumored THE PEST FROM THE WEST will come and save us,
Stay safe n warm, I feel like chastising myself so i might
have a two day binge of The Waltons.

A Tractor just flew past my windows with the driver inside,
He must be from Tipperary, he was still eating his sammies.
My heart is with the rescue teams who are risking much these last days to reach those who are in dire need. The Beast and Emma are no match for a certain Storm Trooper I know,