Bike or sex

Do I remember having sex
I was asked in someone’s text
I do but I don’t think with you
If I did I’ve not a clue

No she said I want to know
Because a have a question so
Was it nice did you like
Better than being on the bike?

It’s been a while I had to think
The closest lately was a link
To a site that made me stare
And see if I knew someone there

But getting back I like to ride
Specially in the country side
But could I say I like it more
Than being nude and in the raw

Nahh I’m male and I like sex
So I told her in a text
I’ll show you if you want me to
First ride my bike then ride me too

wow Paul, all i can say is live free ( in the wind on your bike) and the chicks come second,, if they are lucky ?
Sylvia I like my bike but like certain women more :wink:
Paul xx