I am and always have been dedicated to my family. Since my wife passed on I have had a renewed relationship with my son and my grandson. I am grateful for that.

My son Chris was diagnosed with Epilepsy after having a series of Grand Mal seizures while he was working. They got worse until he couldn't work and care for his son. I have been picking up the slack in these areas until he can get back on his feet. I am furious with healthcare in America. Chris's insurance provider denied paying for his seizure medications and he is having seizures everyday. They are expensive medications so the reason for the denial is obvious.

This leaves plenty of time for me to have with my grandson, and a considerable amount of work to be done at the house. I never imagined my life would be this busy when I retired. But when it comes to family, you have to do everything that you can for them.

I helped Chris create a fundraiser so he can purchase his medications. It is going well, he is halfway to his goal. I would like to share the fundraiser here. As I said, I would do anything for my family, as anyone should. I apologize if it upsets anyone. I just wouldn't feel right not sharing something so critical to my son's health.