If your going to have a few family or friends over this does feed allot of people try this out and trust me they will love you for it.The sides that go with this would be your choice some thing you have at a family picnic.Ok One Pork Butt rub down with liquid smoke and Montreal steak seasoning.Let sit in Frig for about six hours.Then place in a baking dish along with two bottles of hard cider and bake uncovered at 300 for about four hours base it about every 30 min or so.Remove it and place meat and juice in a crock pot place on low and let it cook at least another six hours.once fork tender shred meat fat and all in same crock pot place on warm.It will taste just like you cooked in a smoker with out that really strong smoke flavor.The meat is very tender put BBQ Sauce on the side they can add it if they want but they really won't need to flavor is already there.