BTW NancyWashington, welcome to the site! :D

Hmmm Gwyn, being childish? just having fun just like you and everyone else have fun :lol:

No worries livefree, I still have all the e mails from fishy on my case about spelling, I guess he was never taught " do unto others as you would have other do unto you" but he don't like it when I get on his case about spelling :roll: I guess what was send via e mail didn't work, as he didn't want to keep his comments private now, he has to broadcast it. Shall we get him one of these?

OPPPS did I say that out loud?
ok, ok, just got to say this, I thought my name was spelled wrong,  I don't want to be bait,   I like playing in the sand box with livefree, Then I realised  norton is an antivirus  :lol:   :lol: .  
LOL that's hilarious Morton
livefree  ' I was thinking what have I done now '   :lol:   it took a while before it sunk in that Norton was antivirus , yep that' how dumb I am  :lol:, but its worth a laugh, so am happy playing in the sand box if keeps me out of trouble  :D
I will never use that antivirus/condom analogy again.... :lol:


Aww Fish, how could U post something like that,
Some ppl might be offended,
Somebody will always be offended by something. 
Like Scrummy said, you're the man Fish :D

Mustangsally wrote: Somebody will always be offended by something. 

This is true as some people don't realize the culture different and become offended. Some people are impulsive and don't stop and think about what being said or just act to quickly, some people just don't get it at all but have to say something. What most people don't realize is that what they said and no one else can say it isn't fair. People just need to sit back and think about it for awhile, or ask what they are talking about, but all they have on their mind is "Attack, attack". For what reason? My guess is that they think they are in control and can do it without thinking, or it is just because they are behind the computer and can do it?

As I have seen it in real life "not the virtual world". They think that they are better than that person, the secret to this, is.... no one is better than the next person, we all are different, and can come up with something different to the same topic, and not be offended by it. They think " This is mine", when it isn't theirs in the first place unless they bought it and own it.

Language is cultural different, including my language (ASL) and the English language, even the UK and Canada language is different, and this include the US of A as well.

So instead of attacking on what we said, stop and think, "Do I understand what that person is saying?". Post what your thoughts are in a positive manner, if you are wrong, then at least you are learning something in another culture. :D

Another reason why people behave differently is "Are they well?" our health can play a negative role on life. It is hard to deal with but we have to understand this and hope that they are being treated. :D

A low blood sugar can play this role without it affecting us, some may not realize that it has an impact on thinking, this is why some may walk like if they are drunk and not realize it. So they may have a low blood sugar and not realizing that they have low blood sugar. :)

People with mental illness have a different way of thinking as well, if we know what is wrong, then we maybe able to handle it.

Just my thought on this subject.

Star, U mentioned CAN, USA, UK, but not Ireland,
How could U do this to me, after all weve been tru,
Sigh Sigh. 
Opps sorry Scrum, keep thinking Ireland is Uk... how silly of me :oops: ... I also mention Low blood sugar, high blood sugar can affect us as well in the same manner that has a low blood sugar, or differently.
I Dunno shud i accept,
Maybe we should invade CAN,
Only trouble is, our army go home for their dinner.
U laffed, admit it. 
Invading canada wont work cause we are to friendly (lazy) to fight
K, Yere 2 lazy, were 2 hungry,
Why dont we all make out instead. 
Make out as in making pizza? :wink: