You hear a lot of stories about ghost,but what I have noticed,I don't hear many stories about Angels. if Demons exit like in many stories about ghosts, then Angels must exit to. so why is it that we hardly hear about them ?. it would be interesting to hear some stories about Angels, and it would make a nice change, from reading and watching all the bad things going on around us. give the Angels some credit  :lol: Any stories anyone ? l would love to hear them  :D
Everybody who knows me, understands I live in Oklahoma City , Oklahoma. I have been in and out of this state since the early 80's, but have called it my home for a long time. My home state is Washington, but I choose to live in the Heartland. This state is at the cross roads to major oil/gas pipelines, as well as major interstates converge here. But we are also known for the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995, in which many died. But let me tell you the story of my "saving" grace and all the angles that prevented me from keeping an appointment at 9am at the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995.
My friend and I where thinking of opening a business to do cpt coding for doctors, hospitals etc. We found out through our research that we would be eligible for a special loan for those starting a new business, and only open to females through the Federal Loan Program. We found this out late, and in doing so had to apply as soon as possible since the cut off time was near. The only date they had was April 19, 1995 at 9am. We where ecstatic. Two days before our appointment time my late hubby had a medical emergency that would require testing in a hospital setting while asleep. I was required to be there. If I didn't make this appointment, we would miss the deadline and have two years before we could apply again.
I talked to the doctor and staff and was assured he would be in recovery by 8am , and I could leave if I had another family member come in. I arranged to have my brother in law arriving at 8 am to sit in my place.
Let me explained what happened:
a)The Doctor's car did not start and he was late...
b)The surgical rooms lost power....
c) Hospital charts where not in the Surgical Center, and all paperwork had to be filled out by hand..
d) My brother in law, got caught in traffic that had dead stopped due to a car accident and did not show up till 8:45am.
e) My partner who had the paperwork for our project did not show up till 8:30 explaining, as she was leaving home one of her kids teachers called with an important message and kept her on the phone for 15 minutes, and it took her 30 to reach the hospital.
I stood there looking out the hospital windows very upset, because by then we could not make our 9am appointment. Then we heard the blast, the floor shook and we saw the smoke. I understood something major had happened downtown.
What is amazing is that because of all the delays people cancelled their appointments at the Surgical Center. My hubby and another where the only surgeries that day, and were in recovery when the bombing happened. It set the hospital free to help with the injured. I was shaken when I got the news coverage and realized what happened. I took my hubby home, and picked up my kids from school. I wanted them near and in the first few hours of the bombing the police did not know if other bombings where planned and I wanted my family with me. All those involved with this story, who knew we where to be at the Murrah Building got together and hugged. We knew Angels and God had a hand in all the details. As for the business we where to open, my partner and I agreed that when the Hand of God is involved maybe we should decide on another course and we did.
Now many of you will not believe this story, because this is the net, no matter, I wanted to share it anyway.
God definitely sent his angels to protect you and many others that day....he always has a plan and makes everything happen in its right time....who could doubt after reading your story....thank you for sharing...
I also believe that when you are ready to leave this earth, that the Angels are the ones that are leading you home to a safe place before your judgement day.
Wow, what can one say,  that day God had his plan and it was not your time or your husband. how can any one Question that story, to many coincidences ? I think not. thanks for sharing xx
I spent many years having holidays with my mum, we loved the caribbean, Barbados was our first ever holiday, so we decided to go a wild park on the other side of the island. we set out got a bus two hours journey.the bus dropped us of told us to turn left and walk straight a head we couldn't miss it, there we where in the middle of nowhere cane fields either side of us and nothing but a dirt road has far as the eye could see behind us and a head of us. after an hour of walking this dirt road in blistering heat, we where getting nowhere. panic started to set in, I knew I had made a big mistake but we had no choice but to keep going. I kept looking back in hope to catch a taxi, nothing at all in sight and no water,nothing at all. the next thing a white van pulled up beside us, a Blackman with a white trousers and white T shirt, opened his door and asked what we where doing out in the middle of nowhere, and went on to say did we realise what danger we could have put ourselves in.he asked us where we going, I told him he said that was where they where heading, to get in and he would take us the rest of the way. I was weary, but noticed that there was about six older people in this van, a older gentleman got up and held out his hand to help my mum on. they where all white but immaculate nothing out of place not even there hair, my mum and I was covered in dust, it was at least a 15 minute drive to the park. when we got there he  would not let us pay to get in, but said that he could give us ten minutes and meet us back at the gates if we where not there he would leave with out us. we flew round that park did not see much we just did not want to be left behind.we got back to the gate he was where we left him still sitting on the bench,we had a drink of water he had left on a little table for us then was rushing us back on his van, I told him to drop us of at a bus stop in the nearest town we would be fine from there, he said no its not safe I will take you back to your hotel, he did, and helped my mum out and up to the steps of our hotel, I asked him to wait while I went to get more money to pay him because I did not have a lot of cash on me.he told me again no. but to never put myself in danger like that ever again,he then left. after taking the time to take in all that had happened, things did not add up. i never saw the van coming I was looking back the whole time ,never even heard it, the people in the van never spoke just kept smiling,they never got of the van to go round the park, why go to  a park and not go in ? the van and people on the van where to clean. people who live in that kind of country never refuse money, but most of all ,why did a van just turn up when I knew I was in a situation I could not get out of, IF any think would have happened to me or my mother we would have never been found  if we had been murdered and left in the cane fields. no one from our hotel knew where we had gone, to me that man was an Angel, what else could it have been , xx
Wow what a neat story, your guardian Angel appear to be with both you and your Mom!
LOL.  it still puzzles me today and it was years ago, I use to joke with my mum and said when she passes on she will have to come back and tell me was it Angels that day, LOL still waiting for her to tell me. x 
Hmmm... maybe she want to surprise you? Maybe your time will come?
hey morton,,, when i was a small child,, we had a long corridor to the restroom.. i would travel there and notice a man leaning against the wall,, i would ask my mom "who is that?" she responded,, "he is your guardian angel". i only lived w/my mom 5 yrs out of my life,,,grandparents the other years..on my own since 15 or 16...i have never had a harrowing experience that was life threatening.. i imagine i can chalk that up to my "angel" ? when my last husband passed six years ago,, he appointed a guardian for me....he kinda looks like the man in the corridor.............odd,, but welcoming
HI blackwidow, that's sounds comforting, and brings you peace of mind.I know we are told we all have a guardian Angel, but would love to know who mine is, love your story thanks for sharing   :D
Mort you mentioned how much people talk about ghosts, even evil well we can talk about angels too as I believe in them. I will tell you a story that my guardian angel was on my shoulder this particular Sunday afternoon when my girlfriend was picking me up. She couldn't get a parking spot so she did a double parking and honked her horn. As I am just about to grasp the handle of the car door, the shock and tingling sensation went right through my hand because there was this driver barreling down the road not watching where he was going and plowed into the back of our car and rammed it to the front sit where my girlfriend was sitting. I stood their in shock, couldn't move perhaps it might of been a good thing I didn't move as I could of been in the way of his car but my angel left me in a frozen state. I did imagine all kinds of scenarios.....what if I partially was getting in and one of my legs were chopped off, or if the car had swerved and I was crushed between the parked cars. My thoughts just overwhelmed me more but then I calmed down as I reaffirmed my guardian angel was with me that day and my girlfriend had one too as her angel came to the rescue as she came out of the car unscathed, she claimed she was in shock but I suppose that is the norm. Accidents can happen in a flash and we become numb to our surroundings! I certainly do believe in angels and it was evident that day. I have had some other encounters but will save it for another time.

I went on line and want to post this and if you have any amazing stories that you would like to share with them as you have done here then here is the information. Smile everyone and acknowledge you have an angel. :)

 "Since the launch of Angels Online in 1994, it has become a popular reservoir of stories about extraordinary experiences that are submitted by people from every walk of life and from all over the world. The Angels Online stories include angel encounters, spiritual awakenings, self discoveries, and healing miracles. The stories are told in the contributors own words, and they have produced a profound effect not only on the lives of the authors but also on the lives of their friends, family, and to those who have visited the website. As a consequence, these stories have offered thousands of people around the world a renewed sense of hope and spiritual strength". 
every day i get in my car i ask the angels for protection and i have had so many close calls and i know within that the angels are protecting me. Angels have to be asked to help you otherwise the only time an angel can intervene is to save a life. Yes mort angels do exist as surely as you do :)
Interesting Beenhere. I can remember years ago when my son was small, we were on our way home from some appointment, we were at a green light and the car that was going over the speed limit by about 30 kmh faster went through a red light and hit us really hard, my car spun around and it hit the passenger side and miss my son by about an inch he was fine, not a scratch on him. I am sure the Angels were there with us that day as the police said that was a kind of accident that no one would have live through.
they certainly were there stardaisy they intervened to save a life