Today I am very very grateful for what I have, I'll tell you why.

Yesterday I had planned with a friend of mine to have a prayer meeting/bible study with another friend and later go to a church supper she invited us to at her church.  I was delighted and looked forward to it.

When the study was nearly over, I went to my bedroom to change for the supper. All church suppers I had ever attended, the ladies dressed "fit to kill" and I wanted to do the same, so; even tho it was humid and hot, I put on nice black silk pants and a dressy top. 

We only took one car so we were in it for the long haul whether I liked it or not...... :lol: I asked how much the supper was and the friend said it was free (or you could leave a donation in the box on the way out).  That should have been my first "clue" but it didn't sink in.

We walked in the door and realization hit me on the right cheek, left cheek, top of the head, and smack in the face.   Oh my gosh, we are in a soup kitchen/supper for the needy low income people and the street people!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:  

I couldn't leave without a car, I was stuck, so I had no choice than to make the most of it (me all dressed up and those poor people in rags some of them).  I felt terrible. We were immediately upon arriving hit up for $20.00 by a homeless man on a paper, giving his name and asking for the money. He couldn't talk.  What a pitiful site he was, I felt bad for him, but scared at the same time.  I couldn't get away fast enough.  

Upon entering the dining room, I noticed most of the tables were filled with the early birds and we had no choice but to sit right in the midst of them, there was nowhere else to sit.  I felt hot (no A/C), embarrassed that I was dressed so nicely and they had nothing, I felt myself being judgmental right away, wondering why they were homeless and what they spend their money on (thinking it must be drugs and alcohol). Young mothers with their many kids in tow.  

My friend lent me her tshirt as she had a light top under it, so I rushed to the lady's room to change from my silk blouse.....I was cooler but still felt "out of place" and rightfully so; I had no business being there when I had a good home and all I needed to eat, along with many perks. I went up and put a donation in the box, that was the least I could do after eating their food......

Soon it was over, they were handing out "doggy bags" to anyone who wanted it, people scooped them up, along with even the butter on the table.  My God, I felt grateful that I didn't have to do a thing like that.  I was shocked when I saw a lady scoop up the butter in a little baggie and put it in her purse. :oops:   But she was allowed to do that, they were encouraged to help themselves to anything they needed at home, from bread and fruit, cakes, main meal, anything at all that was left over was given away to the needy.

On the way out the door, they were cutting up nice cold watermelon.  I wanted a bag of it, so I took it and carried it out the door, then tried to give it away, as I knew I could not eat that watermelon, I didn't deserve it......

No one wanted it as they all had plenty, so I brought it home. It is still sitting in my fridge, I can't eat it, it makes my stomach turn just to look at it, knowing that I took it when I am not "in need".

...............Talk about being grateful that I don't have to live like that.  Shame on me for even being there, but I wouldn't have gone if I had known what it was all about. :(   
Hi Jessy, but it was a good experience don't you think,and like you said a lesson in gratefulness good on you for helping the needy    :D x
Thanks Morton, but I didn't help.  Actually I ate the food that was meant for people who have "none".  I only ate a bit as soon as I knew where I was.  I could hardly finish what was on my I felt like gagging.

This is the first time I have noticed that a big Church did so much to help the homeless.  It was a United Church.  Wow, they do so much.  Good for them.  People were having a wonderful time together and they all seemed to know each other.  

Big baskets of beautiful fancy crusty breads and real butter came to the table first.  Then they lined up for salad tables, then the main meal (which I had but only a bit)......the desserts were really nice, homemade brownies and tarts, cookies, all kinds of things.  Then the ice cream table with ice cream cake, and two kinds of ice cream......then the fruit table with all the fresh fruit.  WOW, they eat better than me...... :lol: