Cimmerian Dreams…”

I know not the reason for my thoughts.

Don’t know if they stem from some form of grief, or

guilt and depression.

I seem to spend so much of my time lately within the stygian-darkness of my mind.

I no longer have someone to monopolize my time as I did until last month.

My thoughts float freely, orbiting the caverns of my mind…

Encountering Cimmerian Dreams and hopes.

Foolish old man from whom all emotional bonds to the world have been stolen by sickness, and death.

In analytical desperation, I hope to find a how and why to keep going.

I’m no longer needed by family.

Facetious hope for a future of happiness torments me.

These Cimmerian Dreams accompany me interminably…

and from their depths, an ember burns in their vastness.

An ember with no name; but the hint of symbiosis.

From these stygian depths, glimmer my hopes for love…

Recondite and inviolate, deep within

These Cimmerian Dreams.