A Timely Demise…”

Under darkening and murky fuchsia-tinted skies, the wind screams throgh the trees.
Myriad fallen leaves skitter across the tree studded landscape to ignominious end;
their rustling sounding akin to hundreds of angry, hissing snakes. All this, a befitting scenario
for the task at hand as i haul the skeletal remains across the yard, re-living the grisly
scene of the recent past.

The once proud being stood no chance whatsoever against the slashing knives, gnashing
teeth, and ripping hands. Personally, I felt that he deserved more than this inglorious end;
but I shared no less a part in his demise than the rest of his attackers.

He had led a well-tended life of total innocence. He made no enemies during his few
years on Earth; yet still, Fate brooked no delay nor detour to his scheduled end.
All in all, with absolute certainty, I knew he would die along with all his progeny. The
tears we shed in happiness and glee because of this death only served to salt, and enhance
the flavors of this Tasty Bird. Oh well…

I let out a hearty belch, and continue my walk to the trash bin in yet another celebration of
this “Timely Demise” !

Edv7028, Thanks for sharing your story. When I took a creative writing class, one day I was typing and the garbage truck rolled down the street. So I started a story about the garbage truck being an alien monster. I appreciate imagination that takes twists and turns and is not afraid to take risks!
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