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New decade ... Letting go of the past
1 | 32 views | 30.12.2019, 17:55

I've spent the day crying. This isn't a pity fest going on, but a "purging " of the old. I've been thinking back on the past decade, the good and not so good... and very much accepting my role in my marital breakdown. I'm trying to heal.... it's not been easy! 

I'm ready for this new decade and hope to bring lessons forward so that I don't repeat the mistakes of the past. This crying, this purging, this cleansing is/has been transformational. I'm now going to put ME first. I'm going to put the "Law of Attraction" into full force. From now on, I'm only energetically open to men who will benefit my higher self. I will only deal with absolute authenticity and honesty. I will only deal with energies who value and esteem all facets of my amazing personality.  I'm only open to truth. Okay... rant over! Happy 2020 to everyone/anyone who reads this x

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1 | 13 views | 15.12.2019, 18:09


I think it's so important to smile. This isn't something I've ever had difficulty with... I'm  a smiler... a smiler that smiles from the soul. I've always been a soul smiler. Now I'm trying to balance that emotionally "watery"  side of me with a more logical perspective. Is it a betrayal of my real self? My authentic me? ... the lover/mother/DIY'er/Polyfilla Queen/codependent/Nurse/Psychoanalyst ... or is the "real me" the one that's just around the corner "just over the threshold" . Such a big step... but what did Confucious say " The journey of a thousand miles.... begins with "ONE STEP". I'm going to take that step!!! And I'll tell you guys about it. 

I'm about to take a leap into the unknown. I'm about to take control of my own life... I'm going to stand on my own and in my own power. I'm about to embark on the odyssey of a life life......

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0 | 6 views | 13.12.2019, 20:20

Haven't been on here in ages.... months to be honest. Joined in March perhaps, but have had lots on my mind in the interim. I've gone through a seperation that has brought me not only through heartbreak (can't say it was tots his fault), but then carried me beyond that to desensitisation. 

But, I'm transforming. I'd love to tell people how that happened, how I've transformed from being semi suicidal, to at least hopeful that there's life after separation. When I say life, I'm not suggesting romance here, but LIFE... life, freedom, choices, travel and happiness. We all deserve to see the sun reflected back

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