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Take a hike Irma
0 | 23 views | 13.09.2017, 14:54

I hope all our friends in the path are safe.   We are fine here.  The Dog And Pony Show has left for home.  As some of you may know, I entertained 2 gay couples here for a few days.  They showed up with their horses, goats, donkey and many dogs.  Tim and Christopher were so happy to be in a safe place with their goats.  When they arrived I thought one goat looked a little "large"  But in the confusion of getting all comfortable and bedded down, that thought quickly left my mind until.........on one of my rounds to check the property, I noticed all the chickens in the barn, they were previously cooped up.   Well,  what a beautiful blessing.  Baby goat born during the storm.   I started calling him "Flirty Bill" in honor of my new found friend, besides, this goat did have Flirty eyes when he looked at me.  Haha. Christopher and Tim loved the name !!   

Now, if we needed any more reason to party, there it was.   A good time was had by all, not to mention the 14 dogs who seemed to be having their own kind of happiness, new food, new toys, new friends, new sniffs and new CATS to chase.  Needless to say, it will be a while until my 3 felines appear.   Love To All


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