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I think it's so important to smile. This isn't something I've ever had difficulty with... I'm  a smiler... a smiler that smiles from the soul. I've always been a soul smiler. Now I'm trying to balance that emotionally "watery"  side of me with a more logical perspective. Is it a betrayal of my real self? My authentic me? ... the lover/mother/DIY'er/Polyfilla Queen/codependent/Nurse/Psychoanalyst ... or is the "real me" the one that's just around the corner "just over the threshold" . Such a big step... but what did Confucious say " The journey of a thousand miles.... begins with "ONE STEP". I'm going to take that step!!! And I'll tell you guys about it. 

I'm about to take a leap into the unknown. I'm about to take control of my own life... I'm going to stand on my own and in my own power. I'm about to embark on the odyssey of a life life... I'm in search of "the sun" ... whether I find it in someone else or deep within myself, I've no idea. I will keep a blog going... and tell you all how I'm doing 

X M 




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