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Local Group Kerry
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I see on this site there   is a facility to form a local friendship group to meet and socialize. I have joined a couple of local clubs in the past but find they were not quite what I was looking for. Below is a copy of the description from the Local Group  Heading,

“Are you interested in meeting other like-minded members on a social basis? If you enjoy going to brunches, dinners, game nights, comedy clubs, the theatre, concerts, wine tasting, museum visits, trips, the movies etc. or participating in any other activity that strikes your fancy, then a Local Group is for you.

No matter what stage of life you're in, single or married, widowed, divorced, separated you are welcome to join. All you need is the desire to get out and meet other members for fun and friendship and maybe more.”

This seem s to be the ideal set up for a club for socializing and having fun, perhaps we could start one in the Kerry area if anyone  is interested please contact me

Regards Oldalan



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